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This is a Joss Carter and John Reese appreciation blog, mostly a shipping blog. Any questions can be asked here and you can also submit stuff.

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speaking of Carter/Reese fanfic… 


If you have a livejournal account and you like hetfic, please think about joining het_reccers and making a rec posts for Person of Interest.  So far there are only four posts there for PoI and I made all of them.  Possibly someone who has different taste than me should go rec there, since I’ve recced maybe one story that isn’t by homeric, jakela or blacktop50.  (Okay, actually three stories.  You get the idea, though.)

Possibly someone could even rec some Zoe Morgan/John Reese stuff?  Sadly, I think I killed off my Zoe/John shipper by writing fifty thousand words of Carter/Reese fic, but there are some good fics for those two out there now.

Or rec some Carter/Fusco. Or something else!  Go wild!  Okay, not too wild; they have rules.  Check the community profile page for all of that stuff.

Seriously, it’s not difficult to make a post.  The profile page even has a place to copy the basic html for a single rec, and you can copy it again if you want to make multiple recs in one post.  And you don’t have to have special permission to make a  rec post; just join the comm.

(If you’re looking for hetfic to read in various fandoms, take a look at the comm tags.  All posts are tagged by fandom, most by pairing as well.)

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